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So as always before heading off on my travels I packed a few things to keep me busy along the road. I always find it difficult to choose what I should work on.. a wip, something new, should it be easy or intricate enough to keep my attention?
Of course those of you who know me well enough will already be chuckling because what this means is that decisions need to be made and decisions and I are never the best of friends… so… I packed Stockholm to work on and an extra 200g ball of bendy luxury 12 ply because it would need a bit extra. I also packed a skein of Cousteau for a hat and 2 balls of Debbie bliss Riva for a second hat. Two skeins of Knittery chubby sock for a shawl and of course all the requisite patterns printed out for reference in case my iPad ran out of battery. Oh and did I mention my full set of interchangeable needles, double pointed needles and cables?

I’m mad… stark raving mad when did I ever think while gallivanting around the northern hemisphere where there was snow to be played in that I would ever need that much knitting! ( I may have purchased a couple of skeins of some lovely 4ply in Norway as well, and dropped in to half a dozen yarn stores in my travels).

Surprisingly I did use a lot of what I packed…. okay well I didn’t even look at the stitching I packed and the Cousteau came back untouched but… there was casting on and even a few finishes 🙂

Lets look at those finishes first shall we –
1. Stockholm (Norway)

Stockholm II

I didn’t get this finished before the trip and ended up actually completely restarting it while in Brisbane over the Christmas period. The flight over was a great help though and I made steady progress leaving me to finish it While on the cruise up the Norwegian coast. I did take some photos at the time in the ships cabin but none of them really turned out and new pictures were taken once I got home. The yarn is lovely and squooshy but I do fear with a lot of wear this would see some obvious pilling and surface damage. I ended up using about 1.5 skeins of the Bendigo luxury in 10ply which was 14 pattern repeats coming to an unblocked width of ~10 -11 inches.

2. Simple Slouchy Beanie… aka emergency hat replacement (Finland)

not so slouchie

So this hat was started on the 11th oh January and finished on the 12th of Jan. Super fast and super easy. It is quite cute but really has no slouch what so ever. It sits more on my head like a cloche, I’m told it still looks good but it wasn’t quite the look I was after. The original intention with this yarn and hat was to knit it up before I went so I didn’t have to take the Etta hat I knitted in 2011 in the scrummy Malbrigo purpuras… of course that didn’t happen and Etta was my main stay hat throughout the trip… that was until I left it on the bus between Inari and Kakslauttanen in Finland. The day I lost my hat was incredibly stressful as it also had the travel vouchers for the rest of the trip, not so much of a concern for the flights and hotels as they all work with booking etc anyway but the local bus transfers were going to be hard without tickets. So after much talking with the more than useless staff at Kakslauttanen and waiting in the snow and cold for an hour that night for a bus that never came I gave up on ever getting my hat back, resigned myself to difficult conversations with bus drivers in order to get to Rovaneimi and cast on a new hat to distress. The knitting was great for calming me and by the next day I was ready to face down the dilemma of the travel vouchers, long story short though I got Etta back thanks to a wonderful bus driver that dropped hat, vouchers and gloves off at the reception to the hotel *hooray*. So this poor hat was put into the suitcase and never got the opportunity to keep my head warm as I meandered my way through Lapland… maybe next Melbourne winter it will get a look in.

And from finishes to new starts –
Aiming for a finish in each of the nordic countries I visited I cast on another project after the hat, a simple shawl – called less is more it is a basic stockingette in an 8 row repeat that has three ridges of texture stitches in each repeated section. Fantastic flight knitting as you don’t really have to be that with it to keep it progressing. Of course that would of been the case if the Scandinavian airlines let you knit on the flight… grrrr… so away my knitting went into my checked baggage and there it stayed. Of course I could of knit on it during the 20+ hours I was in flight back to Australia but well of course I only remembered that as I was waiting to board at my gate and realised I had left my knitting in my check baggage with absolutely no way I could access it now… woops. I will probably just keep working on this in bits and pieces as it will be great knitting for those nights I really want something to wind down a little after work but I’m too brain fried to even count through a simple pattern.

Less is more shawl


So there you have it.. all in all I think I was rather productive during my holiday even if I did over pack and cater for far too many eventualities. It was nice to see I was not the only one knitting too. During the cruise I met a lovely lady from the UK that was knitting a gorgeous aran style cable jumper in a deep sea green and there was always a Norwegian lady sitting in the corridor before dinner service knitting on traditional colour work mittens. She had a whole bag of them by the end of the cruise. They were so beautiful and she worked so fast. I would have loved to of bought back books of traditional Norwegian patterns but unfortunately my Norwegian is non-existent and whiel I looked at them to see if I would be able to work out the jist of them from the symbols and common terminology there was no chance. So I just ooh’d and ahh’d when I saw the beautiful work in the shops and put the books back in what is a more sensible than usual kind of behaviour from the likes of me 😀


  1. Comment by Sharon on January 27, 2013 9:29 am

    I love how Stockholm turned out and I’m sure it was super warm while away playing in the snow and ice 🙂

  2. Comment by Nic on January 27, 2013 9:36 pm

    All good knits. I didn’t know you’d had a such a mishap in your travels. I’m glad it all worked out

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