Wave goodbye to April and the year wooshes by

I’m not sure if anyone else is finding this but 2013 is just zooming by. Which of course means I am at the super hell time for my work and if I thought I was busy and working long hours before¬† … well things are just going to get worse.

But really I am getting used to the crazy cycle it’s only the burn out I fear now.

Enough whining though I’m here to report on my progress…

Some of you may have noticed that flickr and I are having a somewhat troublesome relationship at the moment, images are not uploading but then turning up a week later, or as seems to have happened to the post blow they¬† DO upload but then a few days or sometimes only hours later they disappear. This means that after battling once again with flickr and iphoto I don’t have any update pictures ..yet.

My may Goals were:

  1. 600+ Stitches in to Shaz Yep.. I sure did although it was all at the start of the month (pic to come soon)
  2. The last seven blocks for my Quilt top ready for sashing and background to go on in the last few lessons. Amazingly I managed this one too.
  3. pick up a knitting wip and make some headway (not sure which one yet) – nope didn’t even look at anything
  4. Make a new dice bag for Mr B I got the fabric out… does that count? (this is a no go too really need to work on that)

So a bit of a mixed bag for April. Now May… this is the month it will be lucky I see my home let alone my craft but I’m going to give it a shot anyway.

Goals for May are

  1. Finish Sashing on the quilt top ready for borders to be added
  2. Borders for quilt top
  3. Dice bag (really it is 10 minutes work)
  4. 400 stitches in to Shaz

Ok that will do me… especially seeing as I am already ten minutes late for leaving for work… wooops.

I promise to be back soon with an update picture of little miss Shaz.

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