The beginnings of a tradition?

So last year the usual suspects and myself went on a little retreat you may have read about it here.

Well all good things should happen more than once and we all decided that a repeat of the even was in order. For a while it looked like the place we went to last year would be booked out but fortune favoured us and well we got a booking for this coming weekend. It has been a long slow buildup but finally it is the eve before the retreat and I am uber excited.

I have packed way too much stuff (not everything) but still way too much. There are at least three no four quilting projects o_O some knitting and even some stitching as well as a whole bucket load of food (and we said we would take it easy with the food this time lol). The tequila, lime, cointreau and salt are packed, cider, wine and even some non-alcoholic beverages are along for the ride too.

What will I work on…who knows? Originally I had hoped to sew some garments this weekend but I have been very ill for just over a week so didn’t get myself kitted out enough for that really (aka no zippers, interfacing and all the essential bits to make a garment all garmenty).
So… what does that leave me with.. A LOT!
I have packed the space quilt kit that tipped me over the edge on the whole quilting thing even though I haven’t even started it yet, my hexie templates and fabric for the quilt I talked about last post… my sampler quilt to hopefully finish those corners and the spare fabric from said quilt to make some extra blocks for practicing the whole final quilting stage. Hmm there is also a Jinny Beyer table runner kit and that’s just the quilt bits.

Last year I thought I packed a lot.. this year well I’ve simply out done myself .. it’s good to have options though .. right?

So wish me luck who knows there may even be a few updates on projects long forgotten when I get back.

This was where I started from last year.. I hope we all fit around the table this year 😀

Retreat beginnings 2012

The art of procrastination

Of course it is that time of year again… time for me to madly catch up on the marking and planning I left unfinished before running away on my great adventure. The students will descend once more upon the school come the 1st of February and before that eventuality I must first get myself ready.

So that is what this weekend was put aside for but of course as always the desire to do anything but always takes over. At least this mornings effort I can claim was a little on topic. While pulling together my marking pens and settling in to finalise the marks on some joyous Year 8 Mathematics tests I realised I needed a new pencil case, not just a slight need but an urgent oh my god I can not possibly use this pencil case any longer kind of need.

Procrastination II

So out came the sewing machine and he box of interesting fabrics. A quick poke around the internet to confirm my suspicions that a simple zippered pouch would suit my needs and was still constructed in the same way as I remembered from my days as a student at high school and I was almost set. A little more rummaging and I had myself some heavy cotton duck to line my pencil case and even some heavy fusible interfacing and a zip! Woot! Operation procrastination pencil case was a go.

It took not very long at all and overall I am quite happy with the results even if I know that in all reality with my obsessive stationery collecting ways this pencil case will be way too small in a matter of weeks it’s still cute and spidery and will at least serve its intended purpose for a while.

Now to finish that planning and marking I should have been doing…

Procrastination I

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