The List

Here is my ever evolving list of Heaven and Earth Designs Charts.
I am well aware that there is not enough hours left in my lifetime to stitch even of a fraction of these beautiful charts, but really is that important?

I consider my charts a collection, it is a way to collect some of my favourite pieces of art and who knows how many I will actually get the chance to stitch.

One thing finding Heaven and Earth has done for me is open my eyes to many modern Fantasy artists I had either looked over or never even heard of before.
I can identify so many artists from the HAED catalogue just by style now… even if I haven’t seen the particular piece before. Art is something I have always admired, the skill and imagination of people that can create such beauty from the recesses of thier mind, to me is and will always be awe inspiring.
So here is my collection as it stands (consider yourself warned it is quite long, though by no means anywhere near the largest list compared to some of the addicts that frequent the BB)

  1. Adele Sessler: Princes Shadow
  2. Adele Sessler: Rovers Cripple
  3. Amy Brown: Curiosity
  4. Annie Rodrique: Little Batty Princess
  5. Beth Hansen: Eurus
  6. Brigid Ashwood: Guide
  7. Christophe Vacher: Automne
  8. Christophe Vacher: Endless Dream
  9. Christophe Vacher: Spirit Rising
  10. Christophe Vacher: Spring
  11. Ian Daniels: Dream Sleep
  12. Ian Daniels: Dragon Lore
  13. Ian Daniels: Ivy
  14. Ian Daniels: Langsuir
  15. Ian Daniels: Luna
  16. Ian Daniels: Midnight Orchard
  17. Ian Daniels: Return of Spring -Started
  18. Ian Daniels: Scotland
  19. Ian Daniels: Silver Branch
  20. Ian Daniels: Victory
  21. Ian Daniels: Wolf Moon
  22. Jasmine Becket-Griffith: Bringer of Light
  23. Jasmine Becket-Griffith: Belladonna’s Gift -Started
  24. Jasmine Becket-Griffith: Dark Dragon
  25. Jasmine Becket-Griffith: Jewele
  26. Jasmine Becket-Griffith: Last leaves
  27. Jasmine Becket-Griffith: Lost but not worried
  28. Jasmine Becket-Griffith: Mermaid of the Deep
  29. Jasmine Becket-Griffith: Priestess of Quetzalcoatl
  30. Jasmine Becket-Griffith: Pumpkin Pixie
  31. Jasmine Becket-Griffith: Red Dragon
  32. Jasmine Becket-Griffith: Storm Beacon
  33. Jasmine Becket-Griffith: Violet Sometimes -Started
  34. Jasmine Becket-Griffith: Wicked, Tricksy and False
  35. Jessica Galbreth: Believe in Your dreams
  36. Jessica Galbreth: Dark wings
  37. Jessica Galbreth: Greenman
  38. Jessica Galbreth: Masquerade
  39. Jessica Galbreth: Moon Petal
  40. Jody Bergsma: Nothing can Hold back a Dream
  41. Josephine Wall: Iris Keeper of the Rainbow
  42. Larry McDougall: The Pumpkin Seller
  43. Larry McDougall: The Witch Path
  44. Lind Tso: Prey
  45. Linda Ravenscroft: Babysitting
  46. Linda Ravenscroft: Life Force
  47. Linda Ravenscroft: Moonstones
  48. Linda Ravenscroft: Mystic Moments I (covered)
  49. Linda Ravenscroft: Phoenix Rising
  50. Linda Ravenscroft: Remember Me (close up)
  51. Linda Ravenscroft: Tree Spirit I covered
  52. Linda Ravenscroft: Turquoise-Sky, water, Medicine – Sectioned RR
  53. Linda Ravenscroft: Whispers
  54. Lisa Victoria: Bedtime Tales
  55. Lisa Victoria: Dragon Dreaming
  56. Lisa Victoria: Dragon Moon
  57. Lisa Victoria: Lost ACEO -Started
  58. Lisa Victoria: Merdragons tea time QS ACEO
  59. Lisa Victoria: Phone Dragon
  60. Lisa Victoria: Pirate Dragon QS ACEO
  61. Lisa Victoria: Rain Dragon QS ACEO
  62. Marc Potts: Aredhel -Started
  63. Marc Potts:Greenwoman
  64. Marc Potts:Rapture
  65. Marc Potts:Titania
  66. Meredith Dilman: Broken Angel -Started
  67. Meredith Dilman: Fall Fire
  68. Meredith Dilman: Forbidden Doorway
  69. Meredith Dilman: Queen of the Night Sky
  70. Michelle Campbell: Green Man and the Goddess
  71. Michael Parkes: Anubis
  72. Michael Parkes: Athena
  73. PR Dicksee: End of The Quest -Started
  74. PR Dicksee: Romeo and Juliet
  75. PR Dicksee: The Mirror
  76. PR Hughes: Ophelia
  77. PR Hughes: The Property Room
  78. PR Leighton: God Speed
  79. PR Leighton: Lachrymae
  80. PR Leighton: Stitching the Standard
  81. PR Leighton: Tristan and Isolde
  82. PR Waterhouse: Cupids Garden
  83. PR Waterhouse: Psyche
  84. PR Waterhouse: Shrine
  85. Ruth Sanderson: Black Knight
  86. Ruth Sanderson: Snow Princess and the polar bear -Started
  87. Ruth Sanderson: Snow Princess closeup
  88. S. Pui-Man Law: Ace of cups 2 (two of cups)
  89. S. Pui-Man Law: Ace of pentacles
  90. S. Pui-Man Law: Ace of wands 2
  91. S. Pui-Man Law: Angel
  92. S. Pui-Man Law: Angel of healing
  93. S. Pui-Man Law: Bridge of wings
  94. S. Pui-Man Law: Bridge Where she waits
  95. S. Pui-Man Law: Cats
  96. S. Pui-Man Law: Cat Knot
  97. S. Pui-Man Law: In the Cathedrals of the forest
  98. S. Pui-Man Law: Cursed Heirloom
  99. S. Pui-Man Law: Entwined
  100. S. Pui-Man Law: Eye of the labyrinth
  101. S. Pui-Man Law: Fantavisions
  102. S. Pui-Man Law: Fox Knot
  103. S. Pui-Man Law: Four of Pentacles
  104. S. Pui-Man Law: From the Ashes
  105. S. Pui-Man Law: Lions of the Sea
  106. S. Pui-Man Law: Memory of Divinity
  107. S. Pui-Man Law: Moonglow
  108. S. Pui-Man Law: Page of Wands
  109. S. Pui-Man Law: Seasons autumn
  110. S. Pui-Man Law: Seasons spring
  111. S. Pui-Man Law: Seasons summer
  112. S. Pui-Man Law: Seasons winter
  113. S. Pui-Man Law: Secret Places 2
  114. S. Pui-Man Law: Song 2
  115. S. Pui-Man Law: Song of the Dead
  116. S. Pui-Man Law: Standing Stones
  117. S. Pui-Man Law: Strength (Alternate)
  118. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 1 -0 The Fool
  119. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 1 -1 The Magician
  120. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 1 -2 The High Priestess
  121. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 1 -3 The Empress
  122. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 2 -4 The Emperor
  123. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 2 -5 The Hierophant
  124. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 2 -6 The Lovers
  125. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 2 -7 The Chariot
  126. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 3 -10 The Wheel of Fortune
  127. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 3 -11 Justice
  128. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 3 -8 Strength
  129. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 3 -9 The Hermit
  130. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 4 -12 The Hanged Man
  131. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 4 -13 Death
  132. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 4 -14 Temperence
  133. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 4 -15 The Devil
  134. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 4 -16 The Tower
  135. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 5 -17 Star
  136. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 5 -18 The Sun
  137. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 5 -19 The Moon
  138. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 5 -20 Judgement
  139. S. Pui-Man Law: Tarot Book 5 -21 The World
  140. S. Pui-Man Law: The Heriophant
  141. S. Pui-Man Law: The hermit
  142. S. Pui-Man Law: Three of cups
  143. S. Pui-Man Law: Tiranna
  144. S. Pui-Man Law: Tree of life and death
  145. S. Pui-Man Law: Two of Swords
  146. S. Pui-Man Law: Vivienne
  147. S. Pui-Man Law: White
  148. Sara Butcher: ACEO Cancer
  149. Sara Butcher: ACEO Fire Quick Stitch
  150. Sara Butcher: ACEO Gemini
  151. Sara Butcher: ACEO Winter Quick Stitch
  152. Sara Butcher: Autumn
  153. Sara Butcher: Cice Tree
  154. Sara Butcher: Death Tarot
  155. Sara Butcher: Friendship
  156. Sara Butcher: Magic Witch
  157. Sara Butcher: Raven
  158. Sara Butcher: Temptation
  159. Sara Butcher: Truth
  160. Sara Butcher: Winter
  161. Scott Gustafson: Santa Claus at the North Pole
  162. Scott Gustafson: St Nick in His Study -Started
  163. Selena Fenech: Autumn Winds
  164. Selena Fenech: Beauty and the Beasts
  165. Selena Fenech: Cry for Nature
  166. Selena Fenech: Keeper of Secrets
  167. Selena Fenech: Story Keeper
  168. Tapestry: French Coat of Arms
  169. Tracy Butler: Book Keep
  170. Tracy Butler: Gypsies again
  171. Wolk: Frost Bearer
  172. Wolk: Metamorphosis -Started

(I think I may have missed a couple… and I was right. Think it is all up to date now)

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  1. Comment by cynthaea on April 6, 2008 1:41 pm

    I need to update this again it is so very very out of date at the moment.

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