Yet another 101 list

  1. Go indoor rock climbing at least 10 times.
  2. Go kayaking again (Purchase a Kayak even if it is inflatable and investigate the lakes around Victoria)
  3. Take a Photography class / guided photo tour
  4. Print at least 5 photos from my travels and have them mounted / framed for the walls
  5. Go ice skating  so that the next time I am in Europe or Canada I don’t chicken out about skating on an outdoor rink or lake.
  6. Read 50 books for personal interest not for work (1. Embassy Town; China Mieville; 2. Shaman’s Crossing, Robin Hobb, 04/10/2011; 3.Forest Mage Robin Hobb, 15/10/2011 4. The book Thief 20/11/2011; 5. Renegades Magic, Robin Hobb 27/12/2011 6. City and the city; China Mieville 17/03/2012 7. City of Dragons; Robin Hobb 27/ 03/2012 8. Matchless 10/04/2012 9.
  7. Go Horseback riding
  8. Trek the Inca trail to Machu Picchu (planned for June / July 2013)
  9. 6 months before the trek start training (minimum of one month before trek training should include 20km walk) – Include at least 1 alpine bush walk in training program. Starte with a personal trainer March 2012 – Planned alpine walk at halls gap later in the year
  10. No fast food / take out for 1 month (complete this at least 3 times) – First attempt at this lasted 2 weeks (July- August 2011) If at first you don’t succeed try try again. 2nd attempt starting August 7th 2011 – ugh let’s not talk about it.) Third time lucky- lets hope. Start Jan 23rd. Success February 2012 (30 days no fast food !!!)

  1. Increase fitness to the point where I can jog 5km as of July 2012 currently can jog 1km on a treadmill… still a ways to go but getting there)
  2. Learn to spin (Spinning Wheel Purchased July 2011) This is a work in progress as of the end of july 2011 I have spun 3 bobbins of singles… first attempts at plying still needs work. First yarn plied august 2011.)
  3. Spin three times a week for at least 20mins
  4. Knit an article using my own hand spun yarn
  5. Attend a bunny spin in at Ixchel bunny farm
  6. Purchase the lace weight kit for my wheel
  7. Spin at least one skein of fingering / lace weight yarn
  8. Cook 25 new recipes other than Baking with Dorie o

1: chicken katsu don- 22 July 2011,  2: Pork Gyoza and Japanese potato salad with chicken katsu — home made bento!! 31st July 2011, 3: Mandarin and ginger honey madellines adapted from
4: French style creamy chicken pie (based loosely on the Jamie Oliver Chicken pie from 30 minute meals).5.Flat roasted soy and spice chicken (Donna Hay the instant cook pg 88).

  1. lose 10kg
  2. Keep off the 10kg for at least 1 year
  3. lose 5 more kgs
  4. Learn to crochet – June 2012 1st workshop with miss Tracy… wouldn’t say I can crochet yet but on my way
  5. make something with my newly acquired crochet skills (an amigurumi  cthulhu or some such)
  6. finally make use of the supplies I have collected and make a corset.
  7. make 5 novelty / decorated cakes for friends / events
  8. Take a Taiko Drumming workshop
  9. Get all APS film converted into digital format
  10. Get copies of all the photos from our various holidays and adventures to Adma
  11. Scan in all my old negatives and file them sensibly
  12. Pay out and cancel my credit card swapping to debit card use instead (paid out 7th August 2011 but not cencelled yet – did not stay paid out but on the way)
  13. Start a regular board games night again with the goal of playing all the games I own more than once.( in its infancy – games days / nights on rotation between three houses at this point ~ monthly) Still not a regular thing but games days have been had at least 5 times
  14. Visit Tasmania
  15. Visit the Victorian Snow fields
  16. Take skiing lessons (cross country or downhill doesn’t matter which)
  17. Restart French lessons and attend at least 3 “courses” of classes.
  18. Travel to Europe / UK again for a minimum of 3 weeks 2012 /2013 trip to Scandanavia and the UK Woot!
  19. Drive to Sydney via Canberra (maybe for Cancon?)
  20. Visit the Hunter Valley Wine region in NSW
  21. Visit the Barossa Valley and surrounding regions in SA
  22. Get my first aid certification again
  23. Make Choux pastry successfully Completed New Years eve 2011 (Croqambouche fever)
  24. Learn to make gyoza – Completed 30th July 2011 pork and ginger pan fried gyoza.
  25. Have dim sum for friends with all the dumplings etc home made by me.(try san choi bao, sumai, chicken dumplings, custard buns, vegetable spring rolls)
  26. Make a dress
  27. Make a panelled skirt like the ones I keep oggling at the markets.
  28. Make a bag from one of the two bag making books I have
  29. Finish Rose of Sharon
  30. Complete a HAED project
  31. complete the PINN stitch kit for Lesley
  32. Stitch Nancarrow family trees for each family
  33. Start and finish a lace shawl – woodland lace shawl started July 13 2012
  34. knit a large article (jacket / blanket or skirt)
  35. Complete the Tombo 18 3xDr Scarf
  36. Donate blood 5 times minimum
  37. Dine in 20 different restaurants around Melbourne that I haven’t been to before

1. Esca Grill Mt Alexander Rd, Moonee Ponds,

2. Brass Tavern, Pascoevale road,  Moonee ponds,

3. Shanghai Village Dumpling House (Bourke Street city),

4. Fuji Teppenyaki (Mt Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds)

5. Convivium (Napier Crecent, Essendon),

6. Phamish (The Esplanade St Kilda)

7.HuTong Dumpling Bar (Market Lane Melbourne)

8. Ants Bistro (Little Bourke St Melbourne)

9. Maha (Bond Street Melbourne)

10. Chiba (Moonee Ponds)

11. The Kent, Rathdowne street carlton










  1. Take a cooking class
  2. Donate $50 to a charity each time I complete a task (see tally at bottom of this document for donation record)
  3. Purchase a new picnic set and Go on a picnic (x5) – In addition to Shakespeare under the stars
    1. the not quite Shakespeare under the stars
  4. Learn how to use my digital SLR properly (i.e. be able to use it in a number of manual modes not just on the auto settings)
  5. Pick a lens and a mode to practice each month and complete at least one photo project using the selected set up (not on auto)
  6. Complete project 365 (a photo a day for 1 year)
  7. Sort out a storage option for my images and digital media – organise my files and remove all the duplicates and craziness (Looking at drobo storage solution thanks to Adma currently costing up)(Jan 2012 – Drobo enclosure purchased now to get the drives)
  8. Establish a regular walking path of 5Km and walk it twice a week for a minimum of 100 weeks out of the 143 week duration of this project. As of 16 April 2012 current tally is 12 weeks
  9. knit a pair of socks
  10. make 5 hand made gifts (1.knitted hat and cowl for Georgina april 2012,
  11. Drink 1.5 – 2 litres of water a day for 3 months

(Attemept 1 starting 18th July 2011 managed 2 weeks with between 1.5 and 2.5 litres per day then stopped. Restart Monday 8th August – epic fail again start again 5th  October 2011 with adjusted value of 1.5 – 2 I looked up the recommended which is 1.5 so I was shooting a little high: days completed 3)


  1. Save $20000 that is not earmarked for holidays or expenditure other than house deposit (keep in rolling term deposit that is not to be accessed)
  2. Scan in all the old printed photos I have (family photos etc) and back them up, record who is in them where possible
  3. Catalogue my Knitting stash – record it all on Ravelry (Stared January 2012 – 90% complete)
  4. Catalogue my Stitching stash (patterns and books)
  5. Catalogue Spinning materials including fibre types and source and photos for comparison with spun yarn.
  6. Organise / Attend a stitching retreat for / with the usual crafty suspects
  7. Reorganise the craft room expedit so it is usable and not a giant mess mountain.
  8. Restart posting to my blog – update monthly as a minimum.Blog updated Jan 2012 and reformatted, updates completed for Feb and march (may and June were a loss due to illness and work)
  9. Purchase a sizable piece of artwork (as in an original) from one of my favourite fantasy artists(e.g Stephanie pui man law / JBG/ etc) – Completed August 2011 Two Originals purchased from SPL August 2011 – Hermit Tarot an 4 of pentacles
  10. Get three of the pieces of art I own framed and hung on the walls (original or print)
  11. Start a new monthly donation program to a selected charity of a minimum $50 per month (Medicen sans frontiers as of July 2012)
  12. Remember to send birthday cards / presents to people in time for their birthdays for 1 entire year (2013) (family and friends)
  13. Buy Season tickets to Bell Shakespeare when I get the offer and attend both shows in one performance season. – Completed November 2011 for the 2012 season of Macbeth and Moliere’s School for Wives
  14. Maintain / establish the Shakespeare in the park tradition by organising tickets and picnic for 2011, 2012 and 2013 performances.
  15. Attend a performance of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
  16. Go to a Melbourne food and wine festival master class
  17. Knit 5 things from my Ravelry Queue (the queue is such a changeable thing it is hard to follow but with over 100 projects listed I should be able to find 5)
  18. Find a place in Melbourne that does fire poi lessons and go to at least one series of workshops
  19. Embroider a stomacher for a 17th/18th century style dress
  20. Embroider a small stumpwork project from one of my Jane Nicholas books.
  21. Go on a photo mission day trip (x5) – at least one is to be at night using my tripod (1.Trip to the zoo with Sharon & the girls with aim at taking photos- macro of butterflies. Butterfly shots not possible but 300 animal pictures taken.)
  22. Buy some decent camping equipment (Tent sleeping bag etc) and get set up for small trips
  23. Go camping for a weekend

  1. Cook my way through “Cooking with Dorie from my home to yours” list each recipe as they are made.

Recipe 1: Creamy lemon tart (includes sweet pastry case from page 471)
Recipe 2: Chocolate Chunkers
Recipe 3: Celebration cake made for Sharon’s Birthday
Recipe 4: Choux Pastry (made profiteroles for croquembouche using recipe for peppermint ring)
Recipe 5: Creme patissiere ( filling for croquembouche)
Recipe 6: Ginger cake (no photos but very yummy)


  1. Knit 5 items that are not part of other goals on this list:

1.  itsy bitsy hat for Linda Jan 2012

  1. Make a quilt from my old t-shirts
  2. Learn to do patchwork and start piecing a traditional quilt top
  3. make a needle case for my circular needles
  4. make beaded stitch markers for knitting
  5. Hold a dinner party x 3
  6. Find a regular SNB to attend in Melbourne
  7. Learn to do a provisional cast on
  8. Got to a high tea with friends
  9. Attend a minimum of 10 exhibitions (art, museum etc)
    1. Love and Devotion: From Persia and Beyond- exhibition of persian medieval manuscripts  1 July 2012
  10. Get Violet sometimes to 20% complete

Deadline Monday 14th April 2014

Donation Tally for tasks completed:
Task 42 – Learn to make Gyoza – Donation to
Task 73 – Purchase sizable pieces of original art: Donation to
Task 41 – Choux Pastry
Task 76.- Monthly Donation program
Task – Season tickets to Bell Shakespeare

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